Building Regulations

Ensuring your project is safe and compliant with latest standards.

We work closely with building control to ensure that the proposed works are compliant with the most up to date building regulations.

At this stage, we submit the technical and engineering drawings to building control. They will check the plans to ensure that they are compliant with any relevant building regulations.

This is all done before construction starts, meaning that any remedial work to the design can be done easily.

Inspections will still be made by a Building Inspector. This will be done during the construction phase to ensure that what is on the plans is being done on site.

We choose to use this pre-construction plan check method because we believe it minimises the risk to our clients and ensures the best possible experience. You can read more about why we choose to use Full Plans Approval here.

As part of our all-in-one package, we liaise directly with building control and deal with associated administration where necessary.

We are proud to be an LABC Registered Partner.

Building Regulations Derbyshire