Detailed Costings

We’ve been providing estimates for decades.

We choose to provide you with a comprehensive detailed cost breakdown of all the works required for your approval.

The Claremont Building Design team are able to provide such an exhaustive cost breakdown because of the level of detail provided by the Technical & Engineering Drawings produced at Stage 3.

Our team use their decades of estimating experience to meticulously look over every detail featured in your project. From the bricks that form the wall, to the number of hinges on your door – no area remains untouched.

Other companies may choose not to give you a detailed cost breakdown, and instead elect to give you a ‘quick quote’. Because these lack the same level of time and care to put together, the true cost can be significantly higher than first indicated – the first you may know of this is often during construction when the company is asking you for more funds.

We believe that this is unacceptable, which is why we pride ourselves on giving you a realistic estimate of the costs involved in your project.

Only by drilling down into a high level of detail can we provide you with an accurate estimate.

See more about why we only give detailed costs here.

Detailed Construction Costings