LABC Partner

Local Authority Building Control, otherwise known as LABC, represents
local authority building control teams across the country.

LABC teams enforce Building Regulations and ensure projects are compliant with standards.

LABC Registered Partner

A stress-free process

Full Plans Approval is where plans are submitted to Building Control prior to work commencing, meaning any issues can be resolved quickly.

An alternative used instead of Full Plans Approval are ‘Building Notices’. Building Notices inform authorities that work is being carried out, with approval being granted as construction progresses.

The risk with Building Notices is that issues are often not found until the building is being constructed, frequently resulting in significant remedial costs for the client.

At Claremont Building Design we believe that our clients should have the best experience possible, which is why we use and recommend Full Plans Approval.

As part of our all-in-one package, we work closely with Building Control to get your project approved prior to works starting. Approval is only granted when a design is fully compliant with building regulations, so you can rest assured that the construction of your dream space will be an expeditious and stress-free process.

We are proud that Claremont Building Design, along with our construction arm Claremont Construction, are LABC Partners.

A clean site is a safe site

Our attention to detail shows not only in our work, but on our sites as well.

Building work is an involved process. We strive to maintain an excellent relationship with you, your neighbours and our suppliers.

We do this by focusing on how we can minimise the impact of works on the project’s surroundings. Our team of builders are seasoned in keeping the site clean and orderly. They understand that in order to conduct building works, a harmony between your daily life and the construction being carried out must be found.

Clean Building Site
Minimal Disruption
Safe Building Site

By respecting the project’s environment and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, we ensure the site is able to function safely, as well as being able to co-exist with the routines of others.