Technical & Engineering Drawings

The recipe for your building project.

Technical and engineering drawings will show the technical aspects that go into your unique project. We produce them for use by building control and our construction team.

These drawings are much more detailed than planning drawings and go beyond simply illustrating proposed plans and elevations.

We like to think of technical drawings as the recipe for your project, as they show how your building will be constructed in addition to how a design meets the most current building regulations and standards.

Technical drawings may include details such as steel beams, foundations and roof structure.

The information shown by these drawings is vital for three main reasons:

  • To allow building control to check compliance with the relevant and most up to date building regulations.
  • To enable us to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.
  • To provide our construction team with the detail to build your project to the highest standards.

To put it simply, Stage 3 Technical and Engineering Drawings gives us the necessary information and detail that is required for everything that is yet to come.

Technical Drawing